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commercial and residential dumbwaiters
Econo- Lift®

Residential Dumbwaiter Systems


The Econo- Lift® is a fully UL Certified dumbwaiter system. Every nut bolt and switch in the system has been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratory to exceed ASME A17.1 & A17.5 of the elevator code.


Available in two standard sizes and weight capacities at no additional cost.  All dumbwaiter systems are available in custom sizes to meet your needs.  The Econo- Lift® dumbwaiter is available up to three levels and is the perfect long lasting solution for any home.  Built on the same commercial dumbwaiter frame as the inteli-Lift dumbwaiter system, for long term durability.

food service dumbwaiter
Food Service

Commercial Restaurant Dumbwaiter System


We have developed a dumbwaiter unit specifically for the food industry.  These units are solid stainless steel and come standard with three movable trays.  The size of the design accommodates standard baker trays on the movable shelf's.  We currently have over 100 restaurants in operation with our RST 250lb restaurant dumbwaiter system.


Our dumbwaiter equipment is unmatched in quality, duability and longevity.  We strive to build the best dumbwaiter systems on the market.  All units are over engineered to stand the test of time and abuse from the average restaurant employee.  In the fast paced restaurant business you need quality equipment.  The RST 250 Lb dumbwaiter will be the work horse for your establishment.

6 stop dumbwaiter
Inteli-Lift 125 & 250 Lb GEN II

Commercial Dumbwaiter Systems


The Inteli-Lift GEN II 125 and 250 Lb dumbwaiter systems are fully UL certified to meet and exceed ASME A17.1 elevator and escalator codes.  Not just the electronic dumbwaiter controller, but the entire system has been evaluated and approved by Underwriters Laboratory.  Available for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools and more.  Only limited by your imagination.


Available up to 6 levels, the micro-procesor dumbwaiter electronics are cat 5 plug and play, simplifying the installation for the elevator / dumbwaiter contractor and ensuring long term performance.

dumbwaiter systems for all applications
Inteli-Lift 500 Lb GEN II

500 Lb Commercial Dumbwaiter Systems


The 500 Lb. dumb waiter system is a state of the art design.  From our UL Certified digital micro-processor controller and digital keypads with cat 5 connections to our custom bi-parting and slide up gate systems. 


A floor loading dumbwaiter for a cart or a counter loading dumbwaiter system for endless uses.  The 500 Lb. dumbwaiter is perfect for moving large items up to six levels.


The single custom aluminum extrusion rail system that incorporates built in electrical chase ways, easy limit switch mounting and adjusting is the backbone of this unit. The entire system has been engineered to be a long lasting very durable low maintenance easy to assemble dumbwaiter system. 

Dumbwaiter Solutions



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