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Elevation Innovation Inc manuafactures a dumbwaiter for all needs.  We have a full line of commercial and residential dumbwaiters. 


The dumbwaiter lifts are available in 75, 100, 150, 250 & 500 Lbs.  From an 18" x18" x 24" car all the way up to 36" x 36" x 48".  The dumbwaiter finishes available are, pre-finished birch, stainless steel and powder coated mild steel dumbwaiter cabs.  Custom sizes for all applications.

Fully UL Certified
dumbwaiters ul certified

The Inteli-Lift & Econo- Lift ® are the only fully UL certified dumbwaiter in the world.


UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across five key strategic businesses: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, Verification Services and Knowledge Services. Our breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust and enable us to help provide peace of mind to all.


Fully certified dumbwaiter UL# SA32120



dumbwaiter for commercial and residential use

Elevation Innovation Inc is a young dedicated dumbwaiter company founded in 2006.  Our expertise in the dumbwaiter field comes with over 50 years of combined knoweldge in the elevator and dumbwaiter industry.  We specialize in solving installation issues and have become very versatile and creative over the years.  We are backed by the nations top elevator and dumbwaiter dealers who provide installation, permitting and inspections for our customers.  We will provide a high quality experiance for you and your project.

Econo Lift Dumbwaiter Systems - UL Certified Dumbwaiters for Residential Use


Inteli-Lift GEN II Fully UL Rated Dumbwaiter systems


If your looking for a high quality dumbwaiter solution, you have found it.  We continue to innovate our dumbwaiter systems every day for commercial and residential uses.  We have the only fully UL rated dumbwaiter systems in the world.  We get four surprise visits from UL each year to ensure compliance with tested materials.  This equates to the highest quality, longest lasting dumbwaiter systems on the market.  Call for Info: 877-345-4387  Direct: 530-295-4900

Dumbwaiter Solutions



Elevation Innovation Inc   877-345-4387

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